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I would look for a round bend, wide gaped hook in at least a 4XL. I bought hundreds of them 15 years ago from VMC. You can tie quite a nice bomber on them. There is plenty of space left between the bottom of the fly and the hook point, so they set very easily and they hold on to the fish. They came with straight eyes, which I prefer. I did have a 16 pound atlantic I landed on the Matapedia break one on the beach, but that was the only failure I remeber.

I also like the older bronze CS42s, but they do not have as wide a gape as the VMC hooks mentioned above. I have looked at the new Tiemco spey-type hook and while it has a beautiful shape, the wire seems a bit soft. I would pick a Daiichi over the Tiemco.

My $0.02
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