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Question Salmon Hook Types?

For all you salmon fly tyers out there....

I'm about to start tying bombers for Kola, and have all the right ingredients, but want to know what hooks to use? Any particular recommendations? I've been tying them on low water singles, but have been told that big Russian Osenkas will make a low water single look like a knitting needle! What do you guys tie your bombers on?

Secondly, in terms of nymphs for up stream nymphing for Salmon in the Kola, what hooks? Also any particular patterns? I've heard that it's mainly stonefly nymphs used?

Finally, has anyone heard of a fly called the 'Mutt's Nutts'? (!) It has apparently been doing really well on certain Kola rivers, and I'm trying to get my hands on the recipe and picture of the fly. Can anyone help?

Thanks everyone

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