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Ammend. 6 Issue # 7 Hook Mortality & ? ? ?

I would like to hear of any other issues that should be put in front of the managers. Obviously there are the ones listed in the topic description, but are there any others ? What about a license ? Catch reports ? Any ideas on how we can keep track of the effort and related mortality better ?

Please post your ideas to share with us all.

I will start with my #1 pet peeve - hooking mortality. I have been collecting the figures on this subject (and effort) in MA for several years now. The numbers are way up there. In Massachusetts alone in 1998, we killed 574,749 fish in addition to the 200,000 that we took home to eat. The hook mortality is over 10 times the annual MA commercial harvest ! Yet there are still those that will try to blame the commercial fishers for what is wrong.
Just for the record I will post the 1998 rec harvest next to the com numbers for comparison, in case some of you haven't seen the PID.

Recreational Landings 1,363,668 fish
Recreational Discards 1,202,157 fish
Total 2,565,825 fish

Commercial Landings 1,223,828 fish

The bottom line is we need to be looking at ways to clean up the issues that negatively affect this recreational fishery. We take double what the commercial guys do (coast wide) and yet we usually point the finger at them when we canít catch or aren't happy about something.

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