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Protoype 90' DT Spey Line

We have a local fly line manufacturer who is willing to knock off a prototype DT-9-F 90 foot line with a 15' front taper. He will be sending this line to me in a few days I'll probably have it on the water in a week or two.

The line is AFTMA rated so it should be a good fit for 7 wt. two-handers. The intent of the line is to produce a good line for lighter rods that operates well in the 70' and under fishing distances. If this works out, the next step would be to get some fullsinkers and maybe some sinktips done as well. This line should be an excellent fit for anyone with a Sage 7136, CND Custom 1307, Loop 7116, Kispiox 7/8 and other rods in this class. The concept should work great in lighter line classes for trout speys.

If anyone is interested in trying the line and providing feedback, PM me your snailmail - first come, first serve.
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