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A bit more line stuff

When I got my Daiwa Cross River 16' 10-12, I was a bit concerned that I wouldn't have any lines for it. The rod had been intended for a salmon DT-11 so I tried my XLT 8/9 and a Delta Long 9/10 on it. Despite appearing on the light side for the rod, both worked great.

While I was putting together that DT lines chart, I originally had some entries for the Cross River. The 90' XLT has a casting weight of 717 and a DT-11 at 90' comes in at 693. The DL 9/10 at 65' is 499 while the DT-11 at 65' is 484. A bit more confirmation for using this sort of chart to compare DT lines to modern WF speys. In this case, it also proved that it could predict a modern WF spey for an older rod made for DT salmon lines.

While doing some research on DT lines and older salmon rods, I turned up two other rules of thumb that are useful: average casters should be able to lift line that is five times their rod length and that DT ratings for older rods were based on around 70' of line, or roughly this five times limit.
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