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Originally Posted by QuebecSporting
Okay.... I have another question. .... don't laugh!!

If someone is left handed...... would he/she hold the Spey rod differently ??
(Place hands ??)

Depends on how you want to do it.

There are two approaches. For many people (theoretically, the most efficient), you change hands on the upper part of the grip depending on the side of the river you're fishing. On downstream anchors, your downstream hand should be the top hand on the rod grip. For instance, on river left with a downstream wind you need a downstream anchor, therefore your left hand is on top (double spey or snake roll). With an upstream wind you need an upstream anchor and your right hand (upstream hand) is on top of the grip (single spey, snap-t, circle-c). On the other side of the river with the same winds, the opposite hands are on top.

Some people don't like to change which hand is on top of the grip (they always want their "dominant" hand on top) so they will perform their casts by crossing the rod over their body to perform the required casts. These are generally referred to as crossover casts.

I hope this is clear.


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