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I've been happy with any premium brand I've owned, but here are a few thoughts:
  • If you are a flyfisherman using larger flies, buy polycarbonate instead of glass. shards of shattering glass can cause more damage than a fly in most cases.
  • Preventing scratches on polycarbonate lenses is as easy as wearing a 'loop' around the neck. Although when reaching over the gunwhale, pull the loop tight to the neck or expect the glasses to make a crunching sound.
  • Most experts say amber heightens contrast while gray preserves color recognition. Choose the color based on how you best see fish. I use color a lot in my detection scheme as my vision is 20/15 and contrast enhancement is not an issue. When I wear amber I see contrast better but the lack of color difference is not comfortable to my mind, which after many years of sight fishing has become accustomed to giveaway hues. Work within your own body and mind when choosing sight fishing glasses.
  • Polarization by nature is linear filtering, so tilt your head to see through glare better as needed.
  • Although lightweight is a real plus in comfort, durability is also important in the long run when buying glasses $100, $200 or more. Having tried both extremes, a compromise between the two is the best option IMHO.
  • Buy the best optics you can find. Even a slight distortion over the course of several hours can give you a horrible migrane.

Polarized glasses are the most important tool on the flats, other than the rod, sunscreen and a long brim hat. Everything else is optional.
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