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Lightbulb Flyline sticks to rod?

I'm having some small problems...
On a #5 weight rod (Sage DS-2) the flyline tends to stick to the blank with the back-cast.
Especially with a wet flyline (while practicing on grass with a relative dry flyline this problem doesn't occur) the line tends to stick to the blank, with, lets say 14 meters of flyline out of the top-eye.
Using a small dryfly and a 9 ft leader.

I took another #5 weight with the same line that i thougt was the reason for my problem, problem solved.
So i did some investigation, the rods are both #5 weights, 9 Feet i tried several different lines but with my rod this problem is concistently there....

I blaim the spacing (or setting ..) from the upper 4 guides (counted from the top-eye, i do not count the top-eye) for this problem, on my rod, when you bend the rod like it bends on the back-cast ( while holding the flyline) you can see that the line hits the blank.
All the other rods i tried to find out what this problem was do have a different guide setting..let's say...a good setting that prevents the line from hitting ( or making contact with) the blank.

I am a little surprised, cuz my rod is from a worldfamous brand, most of the cheaper rods have a better spacing for the guides...well, better? At least i do not have this problem with the "other" rods...Maybe my specific rod is known for having this problem?
Do i make any sense?
Does anybody has the same expierence?

Greetings !

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