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Hi Marcus,

You'll have a great time at Rynda. It's nirvana for any get everything from wide pools, streamy runs, deep gorges, pocket water and waterfalls. It can be testing but at that time of the season all the pools are full of fish with fresh fish trickling into the system. The guides really know their stuff and you must listen to their advice. They will be showing you new skills like nymphing for salmon. Best advice I can give you is keep the fly moving quickly, cast square whenever you get a chance or even slightly upstream. If you can't then strip the fly at a moderate pace, 2-3" per second.

I've been visiting Peter at Rynda since 98 (mostlu week 34)and have fished all the rivers under the "three rivers" umbrella over the years. I'm fishing Kharlovka/Litsa week 37 this year and will miss Rynda and everyone at camp. If the river isn't too low you might get a chance to fish the Zolotoya which you should take without hesitation. Its a real gem, tiny, more like a big burn. Reminds me a lot of the upper Avon on speyside, crystal clear water and total peace. Lunch is a real treat!!

I first met Peter on the Connon many years ago where he fueled my desire to fish the rivers of the Kola. He is very passionate about all things salar.

Best fly for me has always been a yellow sunray or sunray nymph fished on a sink tip. If you want to add a bit more weight use a cone but this does affect the way the fly swims in the water. Strip the fly and wait for the results, it won't take long!Once I've figured out how to post photos of the flies I'll do so.

Tight lines

Jamie(Rynda type!)
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