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Again I Say, YES!

Good evening,
Pescaphile, I don't mind being proven wrong in cases like the one you spoke of. But if I might take the liberty to make a point here.....

What you have done in a very basic way, is help the bottom line! The fish know what the hell they need, where to go to get it, and how to get there! All we need to do is make a clear path and STAND BACK!!!!! I don't understand why such a basic process, is so hard for some.
Join a group, clean up a stream or beach, help replace a culvert, teach a kid to let a fish go, make a stand for ground fish issues. Such simple steps, such HUGE rewards!
Thanks to everyone who heeds the call, and responds in a caring and thoughtfull manner to allow the Fish to be.....FISH!

I love good news!
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