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lines for 8 wt

First of all, let me say keep the 8 wt. For where you are located, it is a good match for everything except the smaller stuff, bream, small trout etc.

O.K. lines You will need a WF8F (weight forward 8 floating). You could "overline" the rod by going one line size heavier (WF9F) Some peolple do this either to learn to feel the rod load, or to be able to drive larger flies into the wind. Personal preference thing. Try before you buy,,,if you can.

All WF8F lines are not the same however. So you will know what they are, I will try to explain.
WF8F= standard WF line, 210 grain 30 foot belly with thin shooting line behind
WF8F= Bass Bug shorter front taper than standard for turning over big bulky flies
WF8F= Saltwater Taper similar to a Bass Bug taper somtimes shorter belly
All 8 wt lines will weigh 210 grains in the first 30 feet, regardless of taper configuration.
All 9 wt lines will weigh 240 grains in the first 30 feet, regardless of taper configuration.

There are more, specialized lines, but these are the ones you should be looking at.
Either an 8 or a 9 wt. Scientific Anglers makes a Concept line that is a little stiffer, and only 60 feet long (total length) as compared to 90 feet as most flylines. It is less expensive and is supposed to be easier to learn with due to it's stiffnes.

You mentiond money being a premium. With the price of lines being what they are, and your uhhh, rather limited earning capabilies owing to your young age, I can sympathize with you. You might want to keep an eye out at K-mart, Wal-Mart Big 5, whatever you have in your area. They sometimes clear out fly lines at the end of the season.
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