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On behalf of fish and my self, thanks for being flippant and a bit too green Moonlight! I had heard this news on theradio on Alaska News Nightly. I didn't realize you worked on groundfish issues too.

And thanks to you and the preacher and that Japanese guy for your work with steelhead in the panhandle. We're fortunate that you did. The regulations that ADF&G enacted as a result are firmly in effect and don't seem likely to be repealed, though some of course would like to go back to how it was. I'll do my part to keep it how it is now.

Deerhawk - Sometimes there is near-instant gratification in fisheries habitat issues. Early last August, I got a call from a biologist to give me a report on a culvert replacement project that we'd undertaken to help juvinile salmon. He let me know that within two hours of the installation of the fish friendly passage they counted over three hundred juvenile coho had ventured upstream to access habitat that had been inacessible to their ancestors for over twenty years. Very satifying! But yes, those big-picture policy type changes that are so important to long-term fisheries health certainly take time and perserverence! Salud Moonlight! Keep up the good work!
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