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Shaq, I think we're both wading down the same creek.

Last year, I bought a DT-10-F salmon line for winter work but events conspired to keep me from using it. On our last Grand trip of '04, Dave hooked a nice one but couldn't land it as his guides were so iced up, he couldn't get the running line -- shooting head loop through the guides. I helped him clear the ice but by the time we cleared it, the fish was gone. Had he been using a DT, that fish would've been brought to hand.

When we buy and use PNW type lines (WC and Deltas) during our winters in the GL basin, we forget that we have way more sub-freezing days than they do. When we copy PNW styles, we should limit ourselves to fall and spring 'cause by winter, these lines won't cut it. Imagine getting a runner on, then after it has taking you into your backing, trying to reel the WC belly back through an iced-up tiptop. No such problem with a DT, especially a skinny full sinker.

Time for a re-think, no?

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