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Hi TJ,

You mentioned that money is at a premium, so I am suggesting that you make
6 Wt. rod. You can buy two piece blanks at a low cost ( about a 40-50% savings) and assemble the rod your self. If you go to your library you can find books on rod making. Dale Clemmens' book is an excellent start. Most rod companies sell blanks for a fraction of the cost of the same rod prefinished. Assembling the rod is fairly easy and very rewarding, it's like tying your own flies.

The equipment is very simple, you will need a rat tail file, epoxy cement and thread size A. Rod components , in addition to the blanks, you will want to buy a reel seat (holds the fly reel) and a good quality cork grip and finally, you need a set of line guides plus tip top. The latter two components will rerquire your wrapping on to the rod blank. May sound confusing, but once you read a book on the subject, all will become clear.

I hope the above gives you some ideas and permit you to keep your 8 Wt. rod and make any other rod you like. By the thr Orvis Co. sells blanks and includes a small booklet on how to assemble a rod.

Good Luck !

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