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RE:Addressing Hook Mortality IS Important

I'm coming down on the "preaching to the choir" side on this. Most of us here support the CCA, fish barbless flies, and kill extremely few fish. We must have caught and carefully released over 200 fish at our clave last weekend.
Yes, we can always improve and strive for zero mortality. But would it not be 100 times more prudent to take this discussion to the CHUNKER COMMUNITY And to the TACKLE DEALERS that stand to loose millions if the stocks crash?

On my way to the boat ramp to pull my boat out of Bass River sunday, I witnessed a guy land a 20" striper and kill it by not knowing what to do, it was gut hooked bad on bait. It sucked. How do we educate our brother bait fishermen? Is that Bruce's intention? I would not waste one ounce of time on the SWFF community other than ask for monetary support or help in getting legislation passed
On Plugs: I remember fishing at Grand Lake Stream in Maine in the year 1974. All lures could only have one hook. I remember with my dad snipping the other 2 off of treble hooks. Now if the enviromentaly conservative state of Maine (1974 ) could do that why can't we accomplish that in liberal Mass. in the year 2000? This is the real battle.

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