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Old 02-21-2005, 09:41 AM
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Congrats on a great day -- beats mine, that's fer sure (put a foot through the ice -- without waders).

I've fished a DT floater line once on the Salmon (at the Altmar bridge) and it was a DT-7-F on a 12'6" - 6/7 rod. Though it casted OK, it was definitely too light for the distance I was usually working as the Salmon isn't that wide through that spot. If you go the DT floater route, I'd think about going up a line weight or two over the rating of your WC just so that it short casts OK. Currently I have a DT-10-F that I consider to be about right for an 8 wt. rod when used consistently under 60', especially if you're tossing shot or Polyleaders.
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