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Salmon River

Hit the Salmon River on Sunday. It was cold and I had a newbie with me so we stayed in the fly zone. After abandoning the 2 hander because it was "One of those days" and too cold in thwe morning to be untangling the windcutter every five minutes I grabbed the single hander and went back to my roots. Had a good day with multiple hook-ups. #10 stoneflies were the hotter fly although I did hook-up once on a purple spey fly I pseudo-swung off the split shot. Action came in spurts 9:30 after the fog left the water, they turned on, and once more at 1:30pm, they were on for another hour. Great day. I believe I am going to get a double taper for the spey, I tried a guys I was fishing with and those loop contections get tough to shoot when there is ice in the guides. Also the thicker WC tends to manipulate my drifts in ways I don;t want or like, especially in the thicker, winter water. Any thoughts from you guys? Anyways, a great day to be on the water, got sunburned and landed one 11lb hen, she was an early spawner alrerady spouting eggs.
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