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RE:Addressing Hook Mortality IS Important

I'll argue with the Devil himself. Anyone who knows me, knows I push for truth. Yes, any "half-bozo" can question data..... but why is it so few do?

None of this is meant as a personal attack. I respect what Bruce is doing. Just give me the benefit of the doubt that I have a brain and can use it and don't be so quick to shake your virtual finger at me because I haven't leapt on the band wagon du jour. Communications is a two way street. If it fails, all parties share in the blame.

I'm not disagreeing with anything that Bruce or Juro or anyone else has to say about the impact we have on coastal fisheries. We impact it heavily. I don't need statistical proof of this. All I'm saying is my BS meter went off the dial in reading the figures Bruce had quoted. I remain suspicious. Thank you, Aaron, for corroborating this.

You're preaching to the quire if you're trying to convince fly fisherman of the need for responsible handling of fish. What I'm trying to push Bruce (or anyone else who is interested) to do is present this issue clearly and to provide sources. Any effective grass roots campaign (in itself a politcal phenomenon) starts with a clear statement of what needs to be done and the details of how it can be accomplished. The constituents will not be taken seriously unless they have the facts straight. Quote your sources and remove all doubt. If the orginal post had these things, then all you need to do is repost. I, for one, never saw it. (I tend to skim Web sites and only stop and read when I've found what I was looking for. I was NOT looking for a fight, but one found me.

Perhaps posting to this board was not the most effective communcation choice. In the future, you might try email. It's more personal and "high profile" (people tend to check email more often than forum boards and the number of posts makes for a long culling process).

Juro can swing the distribution lists through his ISP. Talk to him. I'd be willing to help draft the message.

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