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RE:Addressing Hook Mortality IS Important

Bruce -

You'll be glad to know that some of us appreciate your efforts to open these important issues for scrutiny and discussion. In fact it's made me more aware of the overall situation and you can bet I plan to go through the document and it's underlying issues in detail over the next few nights. Your requests for discussion on this topic are just the type of thing the web is good for. People may not all agree on things, but if they did there would be no passion nor point in discussion anyway. There is fire in all of us, and I hope it leads us to act on the things we believe rather than vent on each other.

Please do not feel defensive, and by all means continue to solicit our views on these important matters. It's a common thing that people's voicings are not as they appear when you read their writing.

Those who know you would never make such assumtions as you mentioned above. In fact I am real glad there are guys who care enough to take these things by the horns.

Thanks Bruce! Full speed ahead.

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