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RE:Addressing Hook Mortality IS Important

Its taken me a couple days to post a reply as I was feeling quite defensive. There is no hidden agenda other than to present ideas to discuss. I feel the managers of this fishery are managing for maximum generated profits and not for the sake of the fish.
We are "commercial" all. Every time you purchase something that exploits the striper fishery, you contribute. I know of fly line companies that are changing the name of their lines to sell more of them. Fishing mags sell info, I sell charters. We are loving the bass to death.
My original post was title the ASMFC, in which I describe amendment 6 and its 7 "issues" and invited some to check it out. I have also done this on other sites and got exactly the same reaction. I was even accused of being a "Commercial Fishing Interest" intentionally skewing information on hook mortalities to distact from commercial bycatch numbers.
All I'm trying to do is promote discussion, something I think will help to change veiwpoints.

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