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I agree with Frank

Originally Posted by FrankF
Hello Teflon:

I have had a SOT (Necky Dolphin) for ten years and it is my favorite to fish with. I wear waders when the water is cold. It is very stable and sea worthy. I have a rudder and JIMW is can hang up on a rudder but I would not buy a kayak without one. When a big wind kicks up in the afternoon it is nice to have a rudder. Also when you are trying to make a drift over a certain area, a rudder is invaluable especially if both arms/hands are being used for fly casting. A rudder helps you keep the kayak over a fishy spot longer.

good luck

Frank captured my opinion on the rudder quite nicely.

The rudder keeps you in fishy spots when you are drifting through a fishy area. The rudder can also save some energy when the fish are biting and you hang around in one spot longer than you planned.

I have paddled up into Pleasant Bay during the dropping tide on a couple of occassions. I stayed at the tip of Nauset a little longer than planned because large stripers on bunker were calling to me.

The rudder can help you save some energy when you need it most.

Just my thoughts.

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