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RE:Addressing Hook Mortality IS Important


Forgive our seeming apathy, but I think in this case, part of the blame lies in the way you presented this issue to us. In looking over your posts on this board I had to rummage through no less than 6 threads to get a sense of what you're after, and I'm still not sure what it is you're asking us to do. Try presenting the issue in a manner we can easily understand and close with a call to action.

My immediate reaction to your claims was, "this is bogus data." I was under the impression that mortality rates for released fish was somewhere in the neighborhood of 8%. If it's really more like 50%, then there is a compelling reason to persuade us to do something about it.

I'm VERY wary of stats thrown around with no documented proof of origin. Any bozo can come up with a study that finds this or that. The proof is in the procedure. A lot of bad science goes on for the sake of politics, and everybody has an angle to play.

In short, I'm hesitant to blindly follow whomsoever raises the flag of protest. I think you'll find many of us on this board are of like mind. We care about conservation and will do anything to preserve the sport we love. But we are independent minded and like to make intelligent, informed decisions.

So before you go accusing us of inattention to your cause, perhaps you should take a closer look at your role in the communication exchange.

"A fool seeks to persuade me with his reasons, a wise man with mine own."
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