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One of the co-sponsors of the two bills represents Eastern Skagit County, Eastern Whatcom County, and Eastern Snohomish County. The rivers in the area he represents that regularly flood and move channels or erode rivers banks include the Skagit, Sauk, and Skykomish. This legislator (Kirk Pearson) lives in Monroe and is desireous of protecting a lot of development that has been done on flood plain around Monroe.

Like Brian mentioned, these two bills would allow removal of river gravel supposedly as a flood control measure (dredging river mouths etc.) and one would make the state and county governments move river channels, dike, or in some manner reinforce clay, sand, and gravel banks to "save property".

The fallacy is that a large flood is going to move river channels and parts of river banks anyway. Anybody who saw what the 95 flood did the rip rap on the Sauk knows that when a good flood comes, the river is going to move anyway. This will just provide folks with a false sense of security and encourage more development on the floodplain.
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