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i think the Prowler will be faster and track better sans rudder by virtue of it's length. they are similar in width, i believe, but the Prowler is a few pounds lighter and can carry more weight. if you're light, you and the boat might not sit at the optimal depth in the water but i hear people don't really notice that problem. molded-in footwells vs. the footbraces in the Tarpon are up to you to pick. i personally like the clean cockpit floor of the Tarpon and had no problems stripping line to and from the floor of that boat; standing should be easier without the molded footbraces. the paddle holders will catch the line if you let it float in the water, tho. likely the same on the Prowler since i think it has even more rigging lines along the sides of the boat. both the Tarpon and Prowler have two open areas for mounting rod holders to the rear of the seat and more in front so rigging won't be an issue. the front hatches on both boats have their drawbacks: the Tarpon, i hear, can leak if turtled, but i can't imagine the boat will flood and sink or anything. the Prowler, on the other hand, has a water-tight neoprene cover under the hard hatch cover but it is HARD to get on. it took me 15 minutes to get it on and i was on the floor of the showroom and not on the water. either way, you can't go too wrong with these yaks. both are good for daylong paddling and will be fast enough unless you're going really, really far. i haven't had a chance to paddle a Prowler yet, but i hear it's very fast and a good fishing boat. the Tarpon i have paddled and i like. stable enough to cast from and land fish from. whichever you pick, get the rudder. currents and wind are a bear to fight in the ocean or open water. plus, when you drift, you can manage better. i'm going to be ordering a Tarpon soon with rudder so i can hit the coast of Texas for trout, reds, etc. have fun!

* don't forget boats like the Ride if you're going to be doing mostly flats and protected water. you CAN stand and cast from it and pole when needed. i've heard of newbies standing in their Rides. it'll be slower than the above two, tho, if you do plan on longer paddling distances to get to the fish.

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