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Exclamation Need some HELP guys/gals

Please call and E-Mail and send letters to your legislators and the governor's office to oppose HB1118 and HB 1354.

HB 1118 will give counties and diking districts the right to take gravel from streams with a WDFW hydraulics permit. Such gravel taking, even with a permit, is a major destroyer of fish habitat and of the riverine environment.

HB1354 would let counties to change river courses to save homes and force governments to come up with plans to save streamside homes even where homes should not be along such streams as the Sauk and the Skagit.

Political force for these bills stems from, among others, riverside owners along the Sauk, a U.S. Wild and Scenic River, where floods naturally and frequently chew up the river side. Some of these people last year at this time bulldozed the Sauk river bed, thereby destroying wild steelhead and endanger Chinook spawning areas, and bulldozing creeks that carry steelhead and salmon. A criminal investigation started, to be baffled by the refusal of anyone to testify who did the dirty work. Since them shoreline owners have organized to harass the investigating agencies and to find ways to let them do whatever they want to save their properties.

The Wild and Scenic River status became law in 1978. Many of the properties involved have developed since then.

There is likewise a big squawk coming from people living along the Skagit, who feel the government of some kind must stop erosion along their shorelines and in effect promise to pay for the losses.


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