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The S/AS has what Rio calls a "bullet" front taper, meaning that it doesn't taper down too much until the last 2.5'. It's 10' long, the belly is 33' and the rear taper is 24'. Flipped around that gives us 24' front, 33' belly and about 5' of usable back taper thanks to the gradual tapering -- 62' overall.

As a general rule for AFTMA rated lines, the shorter the front taper, the lighter the average belly grains per foot since the front taper plus the belly portion in the front 30' must add up to a fixed weight. This results in a 6 wt. trout Delta with a 19' front taper having a belly grains per foot that's a tad heavier than an S/AS 7 wt. belly grains per foot. That's an important consideration when the 7 wt. is used flipped around as it's actually a bit lighter than a 6 wt. trout Delta at the 35' mark.

I estimated that the 10' bullet taper on the S/AS makes it equivalent to a 7' or 8' standard front taper in terms of weight and I used that estimate when doing the head weight and casting weight calculations. When I worked on my two S/AS lines, I estimated a total head weight of 575 grains for my 10 wt. S/AS based on taper lengths and the AFTMA 280 grains rating for 10 wts. When I cut mine and actually weighed it, it came out at 570 so the taper based weight estimations for the other S/AS lines on this chart can be considered pretty accurate.

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