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To make the Rio S/AS line into a decent spey caster, it needs to be reversed. The long, 24' rear taper then becomes a nice front spey taper, and the abrupt, bullet front end, now becomes a decently short rear taper.

I'd think the 7 wt. will be a bit light on the spey. Overhead cast what you consider to be the ideal amount of aerialized line, then mark it (or measure the length) and weigh that length. That's the best casting weight for that rod.

Then use that casting weight to find the right line on this table.

All of the S/AS lines mentioned on this table are measured reversed. The Airflo Deltas mentioned here are trout Deltas, not Spey Deltas unless noted otherwise. The trout Deltas would be equivalent to the new Forty+ lines if you preferred those. Also, these casting weight numbers are measured with the full head (excluding rear taper) outside of the guides. That requires casting about 60' of S/AS vs. about 35' of trout Delta. If you used the S/AS choked up to 35', you'll find it a lot lighter than the equivalent Delta.

You mentioned that 300 grains is right for the rod and let's assume that you could overhead 300 grains comfortably, then an S/AS 8 wt. reversed is right for the rod. As you can see, the WC 6/7/8 has a casting weight of 355 so it doesn't surprise me that you find it too heavy.

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