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Thanks Jim...

OK - so now, this is serious. What do we do?

Who is the appropriate contact for us to direct our opposition to this law's repeal? Striblue? NMBrowncom? Timwatts? Anyone?

For starters, we can build an email form and anyone who uses MA waters for enjoyment should participate in urging them to leave the protection in place.

All I need now are the contacts to send it to. If there is another approach, let's get it on the table.

PS: I find it ironic that conservatives yell and scream about big government and federal intervention except where $$ suits them, then they use government as a means to push the state around. The gutless politician Mitt suddenly vanishes from standing for the good of the Commonwealth whereas when the PR value got him on the front page smiling at camera flashes at the signing of this same law.

Our coast has been very good to us. We need to stand on it's behalf since not all those whom we elected will.

Ideas please.
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