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One thing I've noticed in studying this since we discussed last... (a short one )

Bending the rod all the way down to the butt and letting that energy roll up to rod to the tip in a long continuous wave puts a tremendous amount of tension in the line. So much that there is no room for slack or wiggles.

At lighter power, it does not drive the cast very well. But given enough power to really put some hutspa into the bottom of the blank at your hand, and given that the casters motion guides that energy up and out thru the rod directly into the turnover wedge at the point of the loop through the stroke, an absolutely tight bottom and top leg of the loop results.

It's as if there is no physical margin for any slack at all to occur due to an absolute sense of tension in the line throughout.

This line tension in flight is often acheived by pushing the rod tip out way out in front accompanied by a double haul, however that effective method puts a real cap on the maximum distance one can acheive. This type of common cast uses only the upper half of the rod. In fact I would go further to say that most casters do not leverage the power at the bottom of the blank.

It would take a ten page post to describe the details so in summary:

Learning to load the rod at the butt and driving the butt power up through the whole blank to the stop point (which must not be too low) makes the line so tigth from end to end there is no room for wiggles, even at moderate power.

Give it a try, I found it to be the most effective cure even if there were 10 difference varieties of waves in the cast once achieved there was simply no room for waves in all that line tension.
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