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Line & Rod Question

Peter S C and Juro,

I am directing this question to these gentlemen because of a reply that they had given Smolt about a rod and line combination. Specifically, I am interested in changing the line combination that I use with my Winston BIIx 11' 7 wt. Like most people who have this rod I have used both a steelhead taper and a WC line on this rod. The steelhead taper was SA's 7 wt and it was too whimpy for spey casts. The WC was the 6/7/8 floater and it was too heavy.

I have read in posts on this and the Speyclave that Winston recommends heads of about 300 grns. I did not receive confirmation of that when I called Winston. I understand that the Hardy Mach 1 8/9 and WC 5/6 F have been recommended for this rod. I know of guide in WI who also liked the Delta Short 6/7.

Now my question is this: is there a standard for determining head length and weight? This question is prompted by looking at the SA site and noting the Delta 6/7 has head weight of 450 but SA considers all but 12 feet of the line to be head? Short of trying all of the lines is there a good way to evaluate spey lines? My inclination is to try the Delta 6/7 based on the recommendation that I received; and, if that is too heavy then to order the Hardy from Mike at Red Shed.

I posted this question on this board rather than the Speyclave as this rod is being sold and marketed as a GL Steelhead rod. The rod is great for our smaller rivers in WI. I like the rod but want a better line fit.

Thanks in advance for your comments,
David Dornblaser

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