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hi juro:

Thanks for that.
before i get into that lever comment, i'm going to have to really think about it as you make a good point.

I tend to think in terms or effectice rod arc and effective rod length as a basis for loop performance. however, things are changed considerably in fly casting as opposed to the dynamic accelerating sinker i cast during the flat "C" pendulum cast.

One system relies on sinker speed and the other on line speed. the sinker is propelled further if the timing allows for hitting an accelerating weight whilst retaining rod compression and arc/plane/tracking etc.

This is the school of thought i'm trying to apply to the flycast. Application of power as the line reaches optimum speed, therefore utilising and maximising the stroke at just the right time.

With guys like you to work with, a compromise will soon be found i'm sure. I have found your writing very inspirational whilst reading this message board.

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