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Out of curiosity, regarding your 7136 -- is it a brownie, greenie, or the new IIIe? What lines do you use on it? What casts do you use? Continuous water loading (Skagit) or conventional D-Loops? Do you tend to use a lot of top hand in your casts with a lot of arm motion?

I'm asking the questions as I'm trying to understand what people see in that rod. The new IIIe isn't a bad rod and if it wasn't so pricey, I might be interested. I find it to be like the new Loomis Dredger series and I've already ordered the Kispiox 7/8. However, I've tried the other two 7136s and found them to be weak, wobbly noodles that have to be underlined before they begin to cast more like a conventional rod. I realize that they were optimized for shooting head work, Skagit style, but apparently, not every 7136 owner uses them this way. Some guys really crank the grains on these rods and I can't figure out how they're able to cast them this way.

To me, a 7136 brownie is a 300 grain rod, max. Last time out with the 7136 brownie, the owner had an SA 7/8 short head on it that just folded it over. We backed it off to a 6/7 short head and we could cast it if we gently feathered it out there, but the 6/7 was maxing it out. If I owned that rod, I'd probably fish it with a 5/6.

Love to see a 7136 affecionado cast the rod properly -- maybe then I'd understand.
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