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Originally Posted by SpeySteel

First of all, how was Eleuthera? I think I have the right Keith, judging by your profile? Steve said you had a good time and did fairly well?

Anyway, I still have your spey rod and I have to take it out one of these days to give it a go. Since you're back in town, maybe we could go out and give it a throw?

Tight Lines Fly Shop
I think you must have me mixed up with someone else. Never been to the Bahama's. However, i'm glad you agree with what i've said. Most people starting out 2-handed don't actually follow this chain of thought though.
Being in the UK and having multiple fishing style backgrounds, it made sense to apply what i've learned to the 2-hand overhead. I actually spey cast more often, but on occasion a long 120-140 foot cast is needed to reach our fish in fast rips and seams.
Our target fish are Atlantic Sea Bass and you might like to look at Jersey UK saltwater flyfishing for a look at our waters.
Very unique they are, in that we get rapid shallow saltwater flows and 40 foot tide swings on area's that can dry out for over 3 miles. Very extreme sport, that can be very very rewarding at times.

Anyway, back to the cast.
Here is a quick run down.

Lift right hand, push left in order to start backcast.
Right elbow stops at just past 90 degree's and left hand is in line with my lower right arm and directly underneath perpendicular to the elbow. This forms the stop. the vee grip aids the crisp stop required.
Drift upwards and not back, although the angle of the rod at 2 o'clock does of course allow for some backwards drift.
Ok, now pull with both hands on the pick up keeping a fixed elbow position a la "Pulling Style Single Handed", until right upper arm is nearly horizontal to the floor.
Both hands then extend, with the left leading the right by 4-6".
The left hand will reach maximum outstrecth first and the pull back under the right arm begins. No real power is needed.
The right arm should be fully extended as the pull of the left is halfway back towards its "Under the right armpit homebase". As the right reaches extension a final flick in towards the body with the left hand accelerates the tip very quickly against an already compressed rod, and the rod has to dead stop as you arms have nowhere left to go.
I actually cast this style right foot forward for more stability and promoted tracking.

Again, i appreciate most people don't actually cast 2-handed this way, but it does work, creates good loops and is effortless. Cant ask for much more really.
Of course it could be improved. Thats for another time.

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