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First of all, how was Eleuthera? I think I have the right Keith, judging by your profile? Steve said you had a good time and did fairly well?

I actualy agree completely with what you're saying about leading with the lower hand. Definately one of the most important aspects of 2 hand casting. What I was saying when I said to use your upper hand mostly is that you don't want to deflect the rod tip by pushing out with your lower hand to much on the bast cast and pulling the bottom hand in towards your body to early on the forward cast. Basically, you don't want to draw an arc with the rod tip by pushing and pulling at the wrong times during the cast. This is where I see most of my customers faulting when casting 2 hand rods.

Anyway, I still have your spey rod and I have to take it out one of these days to give it a go. Since you're back in town, maybe we could go out and give it a throw?

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