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I was in this wonderful dilemma a little over a month ago. Which rod to buy? I took some great advice; don't pick the rod, let the rod pick you. I was sure before I started casting that I was going to pick up a Sage 9140 or 9141. My only question was which action I would prefer. I casted a bunch of rods and fell in love with plan C.... CND. The 13'8" Skagit Cast Specialist was the right rod for me.

1. Keep an open mind. 2. Learn the basics of spey casting before you pick up a rod. 3. Find a good shop with a selection, and who know what lines work best on a particular rod. 4. Cast a bunch of rods (on water if you can). 5. Enjoy it! This is one of the better problems you'll ever have in your life.

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