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Wow, you guys are a great help, I appreciate everyone's input. I'm going to have to go through each suggestion carefully. I noticed that my back loop is 1/2 way decent and my forward loop looks like a rainbow The funny part was when I first started fishing the salt w/ a single hander many moons ago, I had the reverse problem. I know the rod wants to launch, but I do tend to overpower my forward stroke. I think subconsciously it's engrained in my head that the more effort I put into the cast the further it'll go, obviously not the case. Stupid brain.

From what I noticed in my limited experience after watching the video is I drift forward b/f I start my forward stroke, in essense cutting down the length the rod can travel, therefore loss of distance.

I do need to stop more abruptly. I can feel the rod load great on the backcast, but the forward feels week, hence my trying to overpower it. A smoother acceleration is definately needed. Someone suggested something about elbow position, I noticed it and will try to correct it. The drift is what is messing me up in that regard, when I drift, I raise my arms.

Thanks again everyone, I'll try and get out this weekend and work on it. Results to follow...
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