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my views:

Stop the rod earlier on the back and forward casts.
Use the lower (Left) hand more to start the line moving, and on the forward cast push it further out in front. Use the right as a fulcrum point rather than drifting and bending it. The rod does over recover somewhat, so an earlier 10 o'clock stop would be better. I would also suggest pulling with the left rather than pushing with the right to generate line speed.

The effective rod arc is reduced by bending the tip early in forward stroke, so if you are going to drift during the backcast bring the rod through more in plane with the line on the forward cast extending the left hand out. Keep the right arm as a fulcrum point and PULL down and across accelerating the rod to a dead 10 o'clock stop. Squeeze the hands to a finish rather than an abrupt dead stop.

Its my view that a 2 handed rod should be loaded in plane for more line speed and effective loading as we don't have the benefit of hauling.

just my 2 cents.

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