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Adrian- neat trick!

I have to agree that the stop of the forward cast should be more abrupt. I also noted two other items:

1. The forward cast should be a gradual increase in speed leading up to the abrupt stop. Your forward cast appears to be at approximately the same pace throughout the stroke.

2. The abrupt stop should happen with the rod tip at a higher level. By letting the tip drift downwards a bit at the end of your cast, you're opening up your loop and losing power/distance. I typically stop the rod at about 10:30, plus or minus a few minutes.

That's what I could see based on my half season of use with the rod last year. I'm regularly getting about 110 feet on casts, so I'm sure that there's a few things I could do better to increase my own distance. But what I've described above is what took me from 80 foot to 110 or 120 foot casts.

Good luck, and have fun learning with the rest of us.
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