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Great Idea

I couldn't download the video either, but it sure is a great idea. In fact, it would be great to have some two-hand overhead casting video available to check out and discuss in general, beyond the clip of Andrew from Tightlines. I've muddled my way through the past half season without knowing a damn thing, but it still seems random when I pull off a good cast. Here are some things I've observed from others. I've been behind Tightlines with Andrew a few times and seen him whip off casts like those in the video. His distance and acceleration are amazing. He definitely shoots line into the backcast and drifts back and then has this wicked, snap forward cast. He really gets the rod to bend behind him. Another friend, in contrast, who's getting pretty good with the two hander, has a much slower paced, more deliberate stroke -- more overhead, more like other speycaster types I've seen when they overhead. At Somerset, Simon showed me some of the Cape footage and, when I explained some of my own shortcomings, insisted that I should use more of the lower hand, use a short stroke (Andrew's stroke isn't short) and couldn't understand why anyone would shoot line into the backcast, although he did talk about drift. Interestingly, he thought it made no sense to shoot into the back cast. Finally, I saw Jay talking about having developed a "compact stroke" in one of the other threads. What all this means I don't know, except that, like one handed casting, there is more than one way to skin a cat. Having some video footage of different approaches -- including screwing up!! -- would really help. When I was a kid struggling to learn to cast from a book (Doug Swisher's Fly Fishing Strategy), I remember the revelation I had when I actually saw someone else cast a fly rod for the first time. I realized that I was indeed in the ballpark, that flylines don't always straighten perfectly, and that there are different ways to get it out there.

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