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7/9-Monomoy Island, flats, fly, wade, South Beach, Chatham

TONS of Bass moved in with the exaggerated tides.

Fished the outer beach today and was rewarded with numerous hook-ups while sight fishing the surf. Nothing big was caught but it was fun to see the large # of schools moving about. Even with a steady flow of seals the fish seamed to tolerate them and stayed close to shore. Tons of birds working just off shore. The fly of choice was a white and gray 7-inch sluggo. Ha

WOW! These big tides brought in lots of fresh fish. Good sized schools on the flats and most riding "high and happy!" (Eager to eat) As soon as the tide turned they showed up in #'s. With sun and lil wind you could see them coming 175 feet away. Some of the best flats fishing this summer. Everywhere we stopped we saw fish. West, North, East side of Monomoy. Counted approx. 350 fish! Ye-Haaa.

This was a day for Kings and Queens. It started out with 100 seagulls picking up 5-6 inch sand lances and 4-5 inch squid. Fish were crashing on the surface. This went on for an hour. Mercy hooked 3 fish on her first 3 casts. A dozen fish were released from this spot until it was time to leave and sight fish the flats with the incoming tide. As soon as our ankles hit the water they were there. We could see them coming 150-200 feet away. Numerous 20 lb'ers. Joe and Mercy jaws dropped as they witnessed wave after wave of fish coming at, behind and in between them. Today was one of the better days on the flats. Saw approx. 250 fish in half a today.
As the tide rose so did our concern about getting to higher, safer ground with these tides. Moved to a bowl 3 feet deep and to our surprise found 100 stripers milling around in the 70-degree water. They never left, so a long cast was all that was needed so as not to spook them and hook-up. We were standing on a sand bar in ankle deep water casting 60 feet. It's always neat to see them come into a foot of water or less. Released another dozen from this spot. Walked to the cross over and stood with the bird signs to our back and had a steady # coming at us.
Water temp. outside ocean-53 Flats 65-70
Stripers doing flips after bait! 1 feet out of the water!

Split a trip with 2nd best Monomoy wade guide George Ryan (Mayor of Monomoy) George ant tall but he makes up for it in his tall tales.

On our way out to Monomoy, we had our game plan all set. Then to our left we watched an entire mile of gulls diving on the outside of South Beach near shore. We looked at each other and made a quick decision to change our plans and run to the surf for what could be some of the hottest action of the summer. When we arrived what we witnessed was amazing. Gulls and Turns diving, Seals munching on Stripers, Fish crashing bait on the surface.

With-in 20 casts we realized we had made the wrong decision. Birds, bait, fish were 100 feet further than we could throw it! The tide was dropping so all were moving further out of reach. O-Well, Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

After returning to the boat drop off we cast into the channel and began hooking up immediately, one after the other. Pphhewwww. We then decided we could probably do better at Monomoy in a certain stretch, so we left fish to find fish. O-O. Did we make a second wrong choice? Nope. We worked another deep channel that was LOADED with bright, fresh aggressive fish. The action was almost non-stop with largest measuring 31 inch's. It reminded us both of the salad days of spring. At one point all four anglers were hooked up in synch. They released about 40 fish. It's Miller Time!!

All were caught on small sand lance clousers-white, olive-3-5 inch's long. More of those big sand lances were spotted 6-7 inch's long.

We arrived to see 500 or so gulls working the lances over with fish doing the same.
Shawn and Laurie were treated to one of the best days yet! Between the two, 40 or so fish were released with 2 keepers and 1 barely short. Laurie worked albino sluggos-7 inch's long and Shawn used a 4-inch sand lance fly with an Orvis 300-grain depth charge line. The fish were stacked off Monomoy in the channel. Fished 1 spot all day to actively feeding fish. High, low tide it just did not matter. Endless supply of takers.
Something that was interesting to Shawn was when he slowed down his retrieve, he stopped hooking up. The retrieve to succeed was a 1- foot fast strip. Basically just imitating the naturals. Glad I wore my polarized sunglasses, as Laurie's smile was overwhelming! Ha

Look for the fishing to slow down a bit next week. As the tides slow down, normally so does the fishing.

We should all try to remember that we are stewards of our environment. If it were not for conservative minded people 20 years ago, we would not be enjoying the fruits of their labor today. Please remember that a fish is too valuable a resource to only be caught once. (Lee Wulff)


Happy Hookin;

Randy Jones
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