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I owned the new 13'6" 8/9 briefly as it transitioned from payment for work performed into another Daiwa (a new blue 13'6" - 9 wt.). At the time, my biggest problem with it concerned it being a three piece instead of four. I found the rod to be moderately stiff, but not overly fast on the recovery, and a bit 'numb' as far as response and transmission of info to the casters hands. It felt middle of the pack as far as weight-in-the-hand goes. Casting effort was moderate. Not overly powerful but very serviceable. It was a decent performer for the price and better than some of the high priced rods out there. I'd rate it well in the medium priced brands, ahead of the St. Croix, but behind a Loop Blue. I'd buy it in a heart beat vs. a 7136 brownie or 7141 at even money. I found it equivalent to the new Sage 8136.

Compared to my new blue Daiwa 9 wt., it ain't close -- but then I prefer my sticks on the fast recovery, light & stiff side. You have to be a Loop Green, GLX, or T&T fan to like these new Daiwas.

I think anyone who would buy these new Orvis rods will get value for money and will have a rod that will perform well across a broad spectrum of fishing situations.

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