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BF, it's not whether or not these rods will "do the job OK" but at what price? There are rods on the market at half the price that will do the job better. Why pay more to get less? I'd choose a St. Croix 13' 7/8 over a Sage 7136 brownie at the same money, so why pay two to three times as much? I've spent time with both rods and the St. Croix is a better all around rod, IMHO. The best Sage Catt rod is the 6126 -- that's a decent rod. Stick a 6/7 on it and you're away to the races, but you could spend half as much and still get a rod that is just as good if not better. If somebody is bound and determined to toss $700.00 USD on a rod, then get them to buy a T&T or GLX.

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