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Nick Pionessa OOFS
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i would have to disagree at least a little. i think sage makes at least two darn nice rods for this area. the first would be the 12.5' 8 wt euro. which i like a lot and is not too much rod for the catt and not too little for the niagara. if you like med action rods it is really a nice casting rod. the other which i learned to cast on is the 13.5' 7 weight. i think the existing one is a little different than the old (7-8 years?) one that i borrowed from a friend. this rod is slow but it is actualy a great rod to learn on as it really lets you know what's going on. definitly not a weight rod but for the catt lots of people use it. it loads on short casts very well and is darn near impossilbe to break a fish off on. the distances here don't usually require a cannon of any sort and if there is one area sage can cover it's here. btw i don't own or regularly fish any two handed sage rods, but i have cast the mentioned rods quite a bit. i am a T&T fan myself but i like the faster rods.
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