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I would agree that Sage are not the greatest rods for the region. Especially for someone who is entering the spey arena. Unless you are fishing the bigger rivers, which for me means the Niagara, Genesee, Oswego, and Salmon, 12-13'6" 7-8 weight is probably a good range to be in. This will also cover a lot of the fishing in the aforementioned rivers also.

I noticed that your home page is for Buffalo Outfitters. You should have access to Orvis rods then ? The 12'6" 7 weight and 12'6" 8 weight are both nice rods. I should clarify that my 8 weight is the old Trident. I have not cast the newer line but understand the action is similair. My 8 weight does very well with a WC 7/8/9 for casts in the 65 - 70 foot range. This covers most fishing situations in the area. If you have good technique you can push these rods out to 90 ft plus. I have not cast the 7 but would imagine a 6/7/8 WC to be a good starting position. These rods really come to life when there is a light reel under them so don't put too big of a monster under them. I am very disappointed that Orvis stopped the Trident spey, they were much more pleasing to the eye. If you want a more detailed review of these rods Dana did a review of the Orvis on the spey pages.

T+T, Winston, CND and Loomis (just to name a few) all have rods that are nice for the area and some are tuly more capable rods than the Orvis. I chose to encourage you to try the orvis only because of your association with Buffalo Outfitters which I believe is an Orvis dealer and because it is an under appreciated rod. The Orvis line is also very nicley priced for the starter or someone who wants an additional rod at a good price.

Good Luck

Sorry, just notice that Orvis has redone their line a little this year. I would reccomend the 12'6" 7/8. They no longer have two different 12'6" rods. I'm guessing that this rod is closer to my 8 weight than the old 7.


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