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First, I'll put my answer into perspective. I'm a huge fan of Sage single handers and I've owned more Sages than any other brand of rod. I have never owned a Sage two-hander (though I've casted many) and it's doubtful I ever will.

You fish the Catt and I've fished it enough times to have some feel for the creek. Except for a few places like the bridge at Gowanda, distance is not an issue. We need a rod that'll handle short to medium distances plus one that will handle a range of lines and terminal rig. The best rod I've found to meet that set of criteria is the Loop Blue 8124. I also own the the lighter version, the 7116, and it would be a good choice too for the narrower stretches but the 8124 is the more overall versatile rod.

There are other excellent rods in this category, the CND Custom 1308, the T&T rods in the same range, etc. -- I'm just recommending the Blue 8124 as it's a rod I own and I know what it can and can't do. Black Francis inhabits this spot too and he's a local store owner of yours. I'm sure he can point you in the right direction. However, before you lay down serious cash, I strongly suggest that you extend your search criteria beyond Sage.

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