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Exclamation Acceleration---again

Originally Posted by FKrow
The rod/hand stroke is made at an increasing acceleration (not speed) up to the SUAS. The initial acceleration is fairly slow and increasing gradually

If you believe that one cannot get the desired results with large weighted flies or longer distance,,,,,tell that to the many hundreds of saltwater fly casters who have used this style for about 35-40 years,

Originally Posted by JDJones

"Acceleration simply means to increase the speed. But the rate of acceleration is of paramount importantance. The rate of change of velocity with respect to time. It must be a gradual increase in speed"

"When you start trying to throw large flies, weighted flies, and/or going for more distance, you simply cannot get the desired results with that delayed and sudden, application of power"
This is exactly why I was reluctant to use the phrase "constant acceleration" Too many people relate acceleration simply as speed. Maybe we've been to too many drag races. I don't know. But remember acceleration is not simply speed. It is an increase in speed. Maybe I should have said continuously accelerating, or continuously increasing speed. That is one of the reasons this stuff is so difficult to convey in print.

And what I meant to infer regarding large, weighted flies and going for distance, was that this continuously increasing speed needs to reach a much higher velocity than can be attained without extending the length of the stroke.

Having said that, there are limits to how fast you can move your arm. If you have continuously increased the speed of movement, with every inch of stroke, to the point where you are physically unable to go any faster, the only way left to get any more (tip) speed is through the wrist.

So we have now come full circle to where we are again refering to the SUAS as a wrist movement. The ACA (American Casting Assoc.) does not recommend teaching fly casting with any wrist movement. None at all. Many have learned to cast and many teach those methods. That's O.K. It works, to a point. But there are more ways to skin a cat than simply yanking it by it's tail though a knot hole. There comes a time when you have to step outside the box.
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