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This is good news indeed. I was worried that Hogan may have ruled differently, but was hoping he would say the water was needed in the river to prevent massive fish kills. I'm glad to hear that he ruled in favor of the fish.

Any indication of whether the Pacific Legal Foundation may appeal this decision to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals?

I know wonder if Mr. Ted Williams of ROD AND REEL magazine will report this in an upcoming issure in his column. I noticed that in the latest issue of the magazine, he has said nothing about the 25 Columbia Basin stocks of salmon and steelhead that NOAA-F has left listed. I have also noticed he said nothing about the Spokane federal judge's ruling (affirmed by the 9th Circuit) that irrigators in the Okanagon and Methow river basins do not have a right to the water if the fish need it in the river during low-flow years. Nor did Mr. William say anything about the Sacramento federal judge's ruling that Sacramento wild steelhead and resident rainbow were sufficiently different, so that NOAA-F was correct to continure listing the wild Sacramento steelhead as threatened.

Perhaps it is wishful thinking on my part, but I really want to see Mr. Williams report things accurately and report things like this recent Hogan ruling in his column. Afterall, he has a rather large audience and I think he has a duty to report accurately what is going on, both good and bad.
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