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RE:4 keeper in 2 hours and no one around

It's funny how "deep thoughts" always come up during funny fish season...

I am guilty of being a sporadic poster on this board, but it is far from deliberate. I have been working way too much, I have missed every clave (I knew it was a bad omen when i had to bail on the Bass River season opener at the last minute), and I have been fishing mostly around Boston, which has pretty much not been worth posting about for most of June and July. It's tough to go into epic detail about a couple of schoolies off of deer island when you guys are burning drags off the south end of Monomoy.

So it's not always a matter of give and take, 'cause all I've been taking lately is that I have been missing some really good fishing on the Cape while i have been stuck up here... although I understand your point completely. Look at R-T, 100 reads on a message and one reply. There is no exchange.

I AM little guarded about being overly specific on locations, because i recall several spots went down to tubes curtesy of R-T, and this was several years ago before it as a site went down the tubes as well.

So you give when you can in whatever manner you can--sometimes it's where the fish are, sometimes it's a good fly recepie or a knot or a product review. I'm happy to post the haba reports, although with no tunoids up here they won't get too much attention. For a "small" fishing community, there is still a ton of water out there--I fish every weekend and have yet to even meet half of you on the water...which i guess leads me to another thought-- a lot of people who post regularly here all know each other, which doesn't always make it easy for fresh faces to chime in...

This is a great site, and it's not going away any time soon, so don't be concerned about the lack of posts. I wish i had more to post---maybe after this weekend:

I go to join the tunoid madness this saturday, albiet as far from the maddening crowd as possible, in an 18' parker w/ black bottom, give a wave if you see me sliding by...

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