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Line Info for Atlantis Surf-tamer:

Update: line information to offer for the Surf-tamer (a work in progress):

The shorter the head, the less grains you can use effectively; thus for a 30ft head like the Wulff, under 500 grains loads it fine; for 35ft heads, the Airflo 12wt loads it fine; and for 45ft heads we are putting the 12wt DI7 at over 600 grains without a problem and with the Hardy Mach I 10/11 at 52ft we are easily carrying 648 grains.

We are also reaching casting distances 140ft and beyond with some of the specialized heads.

Lines I have tried and liked include:

Wulff 12wt tarpon taper (full line, 32ft head)
SA 12wt Intermediate (full line, 3* ft taper)
Airflo 12wt clear intermediate (std head config)
*New Airflo 40plus Striper Two-hander lines (avail 2005)
Hardy Mach I 10/11 full salmon line (52ft head)

SA 38ft shooting heads (38ft)
Airflo Clr and DI3-7 Multihead Shooting tapers (35ft)
Airflo DI7 Expert Multihead Shooting tapers (45ft)
Rio Scandinavian (cut to 38ft)

(I don't have the grains handy as I am typing this off the cuff)

I have plans to test additional lines in 2005 as my budget allows.

Optimum head length for my fishing applications is 35-40 ft, because this length can be fished best on the beach while not compromising flight characteristics too badly over 120'+ distances.

Most 11wt lines load the Surf-tamer on the light side, the Hardy Mach I and Spey lines being the exception. We rated the rod 11/12wt because it's more on the 11wt end of things for two-hander and salmon lines while being clearly on the 12wt side for typical single hand lines due to the above mentioned head length / grain ratios whereby longer can carry more grains given the same rod.

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