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RE:4 keeper in 2 hours and no one around

Great thread Nathan! I posted some other thoughts under a different heading.

On the hits without the posts... I am one of those people who tends to visit this and other sites regularly. I rarely post. One reason for my 'lurking' is that I have been so damn busy this summer I have not done a lot of fishing. So, on that front I rarely can contribute. Also, it does take time to write a meaningful post, and I'm not one for posting just for posting's sake. To a certain extent I am doing my 'fishing' this year via the posted reports, which is a pisser. Earlier this year I got a login name and password for this and other sites, with the full intention of contributing, but it hasn't happened. Maybe next year.

I know that Juro has some great and grand ideas for this site, and in time most will probably bear fruit. Considering some of the crap that permeates some other sites (e.g.,6 posts in a row saying 'cool' or 'awesome' but nothing else, and even personal attacks), I like this site because the crap is minimal. That is a quality that will contribute to the site's longevity. Remember, this is a relatively new site, so will mature in time.

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